After returning home from Alaska I went straight to my little brothers room and stole the camera my grandpa had given him years back. It once belonged to my grandpa and is an old Minolta X700, it hadn't be used in years, I had no idea how to use it but I just started shooting everything. In October my friends Blair, Teresa, and I got the chance to go to Copper Canyon for a few days and spend time with the Taramari Indians. It was an amazing experience and the first time I shot with the camera. These people live on the top of the canyon, which we had to four wheel in to get to, and are almost completely untouched my civilization. They share everything within the community and walk miles and miles everyday to eachothers homes. They are shy and quiet and very modest. They really know what life is and how to live it. Family is everything to them. Sadly it had been so long since the camera had been used the film kept slipping and I lost half of my photos to leaks and layering shots. I was devastated when I got the film back and thought I had done something completely wrong with my exposures. Luckily it fixed itself, I got a few great shots and I still shoot with this camera every day. Digital is great but nothing compares to Film.

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