Film Is Not Dead

I'm Headed to the FILM IS NOT DEAD WORKSHOP by the Mr. Jonathan Canlas, held in Park City, right now! I was scheduled for the workshop in San Fran a few months ago but was so sick with morning sickness I didn't make it. Major Kudos goes to Jon for letting me switch dates! Beyond being an amazing photographer and teacher he is one of the nicest, most giving guys I've ever met.

This workshop is going to be great. Pure film. Just me and my 35mm. I'm a little terrified to be out shooting with some really great, and talented photographers that have been shooting from before I even picked up a camera... whoo.... intimidating! I'm sure I'll learn a crazy amount of info and techniques and everything, so it will be great!!! Can't wait. No worries, you will be hearing ALL about it and seeing film in a few weeks!

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