There are monsters under my bed!

Friday night, laying in bed, at 12:30am, Kerry and I were arguing as to who was more tired and who had to get up and turn the light off. We settled the dispute by spending the next 2 hours building and hangingout in our super cool Fort. (and yes we have yet to take it down)

That's right, I have the coolest marriage ever!

Shot on an Instax200 camera (like a polaroid but much much cooler) Watch out for more film posts...
they are going to start coming like mad!
I heart Film.


  1. Sharon! I love this. Making forts is such an awesome way to spend a night. :) I'm looking forward to seeing all your new film posts!

  2. I love this! Building a fort is such a fun way to spend a night. I can't wait to see all your new film posts!!


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