Drum roll please... thththththth... MISS BLAIR PETTIJOHN!

too much to say about this sassy girl but this is all you really need to know anyhow:

"When Blair loves, she doesn’t go half way, she doesn’t hum and haw about it or question it’s authenticity or motive, she just loves. I don’t believe she knows any other way. Her love has the drive and innocence of a 5 year old but longevity, depth and sincerity of an 80 yr old. She has both a young and old soul, and I believe, the reason she chooses to love no other way.

If you never have the opportunity to know Blair, I hope one day you will have the chance of meeting someone who will give you, at least, an idea of how you should be loved and cherished the way Blair does. "


  1. It is true Sharon. I do love you.

  2. Awwwwwwhhhhh. I love that you love her. And all that you say is true. I love this girl too!


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