Oh... You LOVE that every other post is Lusi Lou!


Oh my gosh. Are you sick of pictures of this girl? Because I know I'm not! Gosh she KILLS me!

Really though, I have some more legit stuff to post. I'm so SO insanely busy that blogging is getting lower and lower on the list of priorities.

Life updates:

Kerry got a job. Whoot whoot! But it's grave shifts... LAME.
What is good about this though is I have spent the last 2 nights on random personal self portraits and personal projects... I'm too scared to go to sleep without him... Random self portraits coming soon!

tech stuff: Mamiya 645 fijifilm 400h shot at 250 and 2.8
The focus on the mimiya is SO hard to nail and man alive, you have to NAIL it or your screwed.
I can't even imagine shooting at 1.8 or 1.4 on a medium format right now. Those of you who do.. kudos.

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  1. I'm sorry Kerry works graveyard now. It's not always the funnest, but you really start to appreciate it when they are home to sleep with and spend time with. I miss you and your cute baby! If you ever need a buddy, you can call me. Maybe a sleepover? :)


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