It feels like fall

It feels like fall today.
I want to get out and change.
My hair.
My wardrobe.
My home.
My line of work.
My life.
The world.

It was perfect to spend the last week of summer in Nashville. It was the epitome of summer and we had SO much fun. Pictures to come in the near future.

As fun as it was, I am excited to be home.


  1. Season changes always make me feel this way. I'm hoping the wardrobe change will be easy since I have lots of fall clothes that I've been really wanting to wear this summer! I just need a few cute cardigans to go over all my summer clothes

  2. Isn't it weird how fall comes and that happens? I guess it happens with spring for me too, but I want new clothes like CRAZY in fall. And to change my house around. Weird. Welcome back!

    And, did you see Bradi while you were there?! Weird.


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