Oh my goodness

One from the hundreds we took in Nashville last week. I have the 35mm developed, 220 is yet to be done but I will get it done soon then post everything.
These photos are awesome, not just this one I mean but all of them. Not that I mean to brag but ya, I'm proud of my work, otherwise I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing.

I haven't been looking at ANYone else's wedding, toddler, family, or lifestyle photography for a few weeks now and I can really see the impact it has had on my own work through this and the rest of my images from nashville.

Nice to see progression and feel that I'm coming out of the hole I was in.


  1. soooo cute...already sitting straight??? How old is she??? awesome!!!

  2. SHe is almost 6 months. She doesn't really sit straight. Daddy was right there next to her, she just happened to situp at the perfect moment.


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