Workshop Photos

A few weeks ago I put on a small workshop, my first ever, for newbies to the pro camera. Pretty much the 2 hour lecture consisted of me teaching how to take the camera off of auto, and on to manual, and how to... well.... actually take well exposed/composed photo.
My lovely friends were kind enough to come and pose for a few hours for the class.
Thank you to all attendees and especially to Taylor, Jimmy, Lauren (check out her latest gig HERE. her voice is incredible!), Spencer, and Oliver for modeling for us! Click HERE to see all the shots.

I'll be hosting another Class November 13th. Cost is $50 for the 3.5 hour class.
Shoot me an email HERE if you would like a spot!


  1. Wow, the pictures turned out amazing. You are sooo talented.

  2. These are beautiful! Where were these photos taken?

  3. AHH! I Love Them! I have such a good looking family. You are the best. We had so much fun. Thank you Sharon and all you other ladies.

  4. Thanks. And fernwood, up on the mountain in Layton. Not much there but pretty trees!

  5. AMAZING !! Les photos sont vraiment magnifique, j'adore joli travaille !


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