Conference weekend and her first go at pancakes

First off:
Yesterday was a good day. Yesterday was an incredible day.
I haven't had many of those in the last few months. But as I start to eat more healthy, de-clutter my life, get on a schedule, and pay more attention to the happiness of me and my family, I'm starting to have more. I'm starting to remember more and more throughout my days what is really important, what really matters, and how I want to be remembered in this life.

Yesterday I shot my first birth story.
It was the most amazing experience I've ever been asked to document.
I could shoot these every single day.
Mackenzie was strong, gorgeous, amazing, and full of so much love.
I believe every single person should get these photos taken when they have a child.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, see HERE, Lusi's birth caught by Jon Canlas.
I cannot wait to show you the images! I can't wait to see them myself!

Yesterday I played dodgeball.
The stake Young Womans hosted a YW's tournament.
I can't remember the last time I played dodgeball.
I'm totally a talker, and totally brought black grease for the girls.
I totally suck at dodgeball.
We made it to the quarter finals and we were awesome.
I love those silly girls.
I need to play dodge ball more often.

Yesterday I relaxed. 
I spent the evening eating dinner on the bed with Kerry and Lusi.
We laughed, and giggled, and played.
No TV.
No Blog.
No crying.
No photos.
No facebook.
No homework.
No sports.
We fell asleep at 10 with the lights on.
My life is everything I want it to be right now.

Pancakes, Conference, and snuggling. This is what's important.


  1. These are gorgeous! And next time I have a baby I would love some photos. Just come to my home :)

  2. That first picture of Lusi is dy-no-mite. Awesome!

  3. Lusi is so stinkin cute. I love conference sunday. Miss you. Muah!


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