A few things to say

I have a few spots left open for the Nov. 6th family holiday mini session.
If you are thinking of signing up, be quick about it. Check out details HERE.

There are exactly 2 spots left open for the November 13th Photography 101 Class.
We will be covering basic photography knowledge.
as in: how to take your camera off of auto:
shutter speed
camera lenses
Let me know asap if you would like a spot.

The website is under construction and on it's way to being much cooler. Ok,.... it will look almost exactly the same but.. just wait, that's a whole other announcement on its own. It's going to be HUGE. Should be up by Dec. 1st.

I have SO much to blog, it's not even funny.
Too bad there is this little bug that yells at me every time I set her down.
Editing takes precedence, but some awesome things are coming, and I'm trying to get SOMETHING up once a day so just keep checking back. Thank you everyone who checks out my blog regularly and for all the referrals and love and support. I LOVE this job and the opportunity it gives me to stay home with said screaming bug. It wouldn't be possible without the wonderful word of mouth you all have going around. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

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