FIND one year ago

One year ago today I was here:
shooting with this:

after years of shooting only digital.

There I was:
Attending the FILM IS NOT DEAD workshop hosted by:

which I took with:

and a bunch of other fine photography folks.

We were taught film, posing, and most importantly VISION, and shot like crazy for 3 days, these folks:

And now, I shoot nothing but film. those 3 days changed my life.

Thank you Jon, and all FIND attendees. Those who I attended with those who and those I continue to meet, that inspire, push, and tell me to shoot, never stop, to discover my vision, who I am and what I want to tell the world. FIND forever!


  1. Booo for not coming last night! We missed you!

  2. sharon i am so proud that you have pushed yourself so shoot film! i am still trying to find a way to do that, it is harding with me now living in back in Canada, there just aren't the same resources around here. Well keep up the good work!


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