Lusillia Lou 3.0

No one believes be, but see!...
Sometimes she is real sad.
Especially lately with her more teeth coming in.
2 are there, 2 more by the end of the week... I hope.
Poor little girl.


  1. I'm in love with her eyes, those round blue beauties.

  2. she IS beautiful!! I love these posts on her ;) really u should try those teething tablets ... The brand is hyland's and they're all natural ... I think they work anyways ;) c u tonight! <3

  3. No! Not the teething tablets! They're all under recall right now. ALL of them.

    Sweet little Lusi, I love that picture.

  4. She is getting two more teeth for a total of 4 already? My niece will be 1 on tuesday and she still only has two bottom teeth. My other niece Taylor has 12! and she is almost 15 months.

    Lusi is adorable. You can just bring her to work with you tomorrow. I am sure nobody would mind. ;)


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