Something more

I want to shoot


anything and everything that makes me, you, anyone, FEEL.

A few weeks ago I had the opprotunity to shoot the birth of a gorgeous little boy and I couldn't remember feeling more proud of anything I had ever shot.

Then yesterday came:

same place, same hospital, SAME DELIVERY ROOM.
but this time it was too soon and I was left to shoot an
empty basinet
 tears of ache
tears of loss
 and two parents that overwhelmed the room with

I have been searching for a way to do something MORE with my work.
Something more than the dark room and my love of family, or selling prints, or telling a story or having my camera at the exact right moment. All good things, but I need something MORE. Something not necessarily huge but HUGE to an individual, something that would mean the world to them forever. Something that means tons to me, that I could advocate for, spread awareness for, donate my time, talent and money to, and believe in whole heartedly. and Something that makes people FEEL and ACT when they hear and see.

Yesterday, I found something more.

Photos and more to follow.


  1. so so sad...cannot imagine....im with you on needing to do more...

  2. I remember those moments of LOVE that I felt that day in the delivery room with Claire and I'm so happy that someone like you was there to help me remember those few precious moments I was able to spend with her. Thank you for people like you! I love you Sharon!

  3. I love you Linda. I thought of you and Claire the entire session. It will be nice to have something that reminds me of that love we felt on a continual basis. Thank you for being amazing.

  4. Oh my heart breaks about this. I have a friend who does these photo shoots in DC and her heart breaks every time. What a special thing for you to provide.


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