I record history, I don't alter it.

First and foremost:
GAH, she is gorgeous!
(turned the image black and white, it was a little green, and hit save)
(It is possible to get stunning photographs without using photoshop)

to all Photographers and Mothers,

PLEASE stop photoshopping babies and children.
The whited eyes, (that sometimes have a star in them.. what??), and perfect porcelain skin are super creepy.
I mean, I hate photoshopping as far as "fixing" people and I'll just hold my tongue about it (for now) and just choose not to do that, but babies, kids... BABIES??

Those tiny zits
snotty nose
little dark bags under their eyes 
blotchy skin and
funky little mole
are what make them perfect
what makes them real
what make them unique
what make them a BABY
what make them yours.

... I don't get fed up with "industry" things very often (probably because I typically ignore them all together). And I try and stay away from commenting on other people photos (or even looking at them)
but really?

What are we teaching when we photoshop away our children's uniqueness, away their history?.
(What are we teaching them we photoshop away ours? )


  1. I couldn't agree more! Little Della was born with a red mark on her eye and kind of beat up but I would never EVER change that. Because that's what she looked like when she was born and I want to remember her how she really was not how "I wished she was" I can't tell you how many pictures I have of Sara with a scab on her forehead or a scrape on her nose or knee but that's also what makes Sara, Sara. Sure, I could easily use my photoshop to edit those but I never would. Those are things I want to remember!

  2. I'm not patient enough to photoshop all my pictures (or any of them, really) but I don't mind myself photoshopped a little. :)

  3. It is so funny that you wrote this because I have been reading books about photography, and wonder if the art of taking a photo simply to catch a moment, rather than enhance it, has become nearly obsolete. Good on you!

  4. I also agree 100% I had a really rough labor with my son and he came out with a huge bruise covering most of his head. While in the hospital a girl came around offering to take pictures and said "we could also photoshop his bruise out." I instantly told her no and thought why in the world would I want his bruise not in his picture. That's how he came into the world, perfect, and yes, slightly bruised.

  5. i LOVE this sharon. especially that last line-- what are we teaching our children? i hope you don't mind if i quote you sometime. :)

  6. Thank you. What an awful practice. This is why I go with you. And because you promised me pictures once a year. We should do some as soon as the weather starts to get warmer. March or April or something.

  7. Couldn't agree with you more! The imperfections are what make each photo beautiful and unique!

  8. Wait.... You mean babies DON'T look like Children of the Corn?

    Simple solution if you want your baby to have perfect looking skin in the pictures. Take them to Ulta or your nearest department store cosmetic counter and have them made over. Berry Blast lips and Terra cotta cheeks are all the rage. Get them a facial, wax those unsightly brows and have some dimples cauterized in if they don't have them already!

    My little guy was covered in zits. I didn't touch a thing because I was so afraid to lose that natural gleam in his eyes.

    The over whitened eyes is just CREEPY


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