Happy Birthday Johnson!!

Your birthday over the years:
Jan 18, 2002
"So we went to go get Kerry at 6am and he is sitting on the couch dressed and already showered. He just laughed at me and I was so mad that his mom told him. We went to Ihop and that was fun then we all  went to Levi's and just played and goofed off....I am so in love with Kerry again. He was being so cute and funny and just great.....We were sitting on the couch at one point and he tapped me on the shoulder and whispered "thank you", that meant a lot to me. Kerry is the one guy I would get with...we wouldn't be all lovey dovey and all over each other all the time... we just have so much fun together." 

Jan 14, 2003 (closets entry to the 18th)
"His birthday is in 4 days and I can't let myself get him something. I have to pretend it is not a special day so I don't end up giving him another letter confessing my undying love for him, whatever, I know he has one to give me too."

Jan 7, 2004
"Why? Why do I refuse to stop liking Kerry? Out of all the people to like forever, why, kerry?? I bet it is because he doesn't like me back, and never really has. If he asked me to prom it would be my stupid high school dream. I don't love him like I thought I used to, I just enjoy talking to him and hanging out with him over anyone else. Too bad we don't do either very often anymore. 
How much ink have I wasted on him?"

Jan 21, 2006 
"I'm sick of boys already. Really, really , really, really sick of them this time. so-in-so, what-his-name, and fred are all really great guys but I can't function with going out every single night."  

Jan 21, 2007
"I am such a nerd, a dramatic soap opera nerd... I just read my last entry, I'm silly. I am going to school now, only 3 classes, one of them a photography class. I love it and this is what my degree is getting changed to permanently."

Jan 18, 2008
"I surprised him and took him to San Francisco for his birthday...for his "Sharon birthday" which is now and forever the 16th. We had so much fun together. It is fun to have my best friend back.... We got first class seats and went to a great peruvian restaurant and stayed at a hostel.... He really does think I am the greatest thing ever, why did it take him so freaking long to figure that out? 
I guess that doesn't matter, only that he did."

Happy Birthday Baby!!!!
 You are half way to 50.. wow you are old...... 
and wise, 
and even more hot and sexy than I thought you were back in the day 
(and I that is saying a lot.)

I hope you enjoyed your "sharon birthday" this last weekend and hope you enjoy your other birthday today. MWAH! 


  1. 2002 will always stand out in my mind as one of my favorites.

  2. I love that you've known each other forever. So sweet. Happy birthday Kerry!

    I can't tell you how old it makes me feel that you were in high school in 2004. I mean really, you were in elementary school when I was graduating. Yowzers.


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