For him (but mostly for you) photos

I have started shooting these intimates sessions and.... I love them.
(I can't decide what sounds better, calling them "Intimates sessions" or "Boudoir session". "Boudoir" has this super horrible connotation in my head, I think I've been tramatized by seeing too many studio shots with horrrible lighting, cowboy hats and feathered hair... sorry for the visual... but does "Intimates" sounds funny? a little. If you any suggestions, throw them my way.)
It has been so much fun for me shooting something new and different and actually getting really nervous for a shoot. I knew my first shoot would be an experiment, mission being to find out what works, lighting, posing, composition, mood, and emotion and more importantly to find out what is sexy, how to shoot that, and how to get that emotion out of my models. The answers to several of those questions actually came in church. We combined the youth in our ward for class and a question on dating came up. One of the Young Men Advisers responded, saying that the most attractive thing you will find in a woman is confidence. And there you go... I'd been brewing over this for days and just like, it was there.
The sexiest thing about these photos is the fact that you are confident enough to have them taken.
Therefore, posing, mood, composition, even outfits, facial expressions, EVERYTHING ELSE can be subtle and implied!
What do I mean?
I MEAN these can be awesome! these can be tasteful! these can be gorgeous!
I mean, you don't have to lose 10lbs, show a ton of skin (notice the above shot she is completely covered), know how to do the "sexy" face, be pretending to slip off a strap in every photo, have a new and sexy lingerie to have these taken.... how can I stress this enough...??... These DO NOT and SHOULD NOT scream sex. That isn't what these are about.
These are about you feeling beautiful, about showing your husband that you know you are beautiful too.
When I feel the most beautiful its in the morning. Waking up to strips of warm sunlight and cool shade falling on my back and sheets. Turning over to see a sliver of Kerry though the barely open door, barefooted and bare backed, making eggs and toast. He's singing to Lusi who I know is in her high chair, just out of site, popping her shoulder up and down and smiling ear to ear. I want photos of that moment, of that scene, when I am confident he loves me, confident I'm beautiful, confident all is right in my world in all it's imperfections.
Forget about the idea of getting these taken for him, get them for you.
You are Beautiful.


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  2. what about
    ...beauty session?
    ...personal beauty session?
    ...intimate beauty session?

    love the way you explained this session.

  3. Intimate session to me sounds (at first) like naked pictures, but I do get what you're doing and I don't have a suggestion for a different name, I think it fits. After thinking about it you're exactly right--it's confidence. I love this post, and I LOVE that picture. I love even more that I'm NOT confident enough to have these pictures taken (you've seen how awkward I am in front of a camera) but maybe someday I will be?

  4. Okay so I just talked to Dave about this. He said he thinks it's an interesting idea but he's never thought he'd like a sexy picture of me (I'm not offended, it's not the kind of couple we are) because he doesn't know what he'd do with it. So that's my question: what do you do with these once they're taken? Put them up in your bedroom, or have them in an album just for you?

    (my favorite answer: "am I supposed to reciprocate with my own shoot like George Costanza?" Hi-larious.)

  5. Rueben, I don't know what happened to your comment but I feel super cool when you comment on my blogs. Thank you.

    Emily-dying of laughter right now. answer ALBUM. nice, flush mount, hard cover, hard paged album.

  6. Such a gorgeous picture Sharon, I love it.

  7. I was just talking about these kind of photo's to Derek the other day and thinking it would be something fun to do for both of us. I would love to show him that I am confident in myself and to have something like these. Still looking forward to sexy mom shoot.

  8. I'm with ya on the bad/lame connotations of "boudour" (or how ever its spelled) sessions, definently dont cal them that. Intimate sessions seems to fit. Or maybe privacy sessions, sultry session??


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