Baby Macy Preview :: Utah Newborn Photography

Little Macy. 
This little bug is SOOO tiny. She was at 5 lbs something at the time... so so little.
Macy reminded me of the way Lus smelled before she got big. I LOVE the way newborns smell, that alone makes me want to have another one. That mind sound odd but if you are a mother you know exactly what I'm talking about. 
Anyway... I can't wait to show you the rest (or see the rest as I haven't even gotten them all back yet :) )
Full post coming soon.

On a Saturday note:
Kerry and I haven't seen each other in literally DAYS (he works nights and goes to school full time... yes, so that I can stay home with Lus and drain our bank account trying to "make it" as an artist... YES... he is amazing.)  So this weekend especially I am SO glad it is Conference weekend. We get to spend the next 48 hours in pj's, snuggling, eating, and being inspired and motivated to be better and to be happier.
Bring on the french toast and smoothies!!!!

I hope you have a Fabulous Saturday too!

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  1. Don't you love awesome husbands who work so hard for their family? We are lucky women.


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