Hard at Work

Because both Lus and I are SO hard at work we are taking a small break from blogging for the next little while. I might post here or there but overall it is going to be sparce and close to nothing for just a bit.

The last few months have prompted some great changes in my personal and business life which has resulted in me "needing" to change everything relating to the two. SO, I'll be returning with daily posts July 1st with a new blog, a new website, new shoots and some new insight.

I always thought growing up was kind of lame but really... it has been quite awesome as of lately, I am enjoying it thoroughly. I'm really excited to share my new found love of being "homemaker" with everyone (it only took me 16 months to come to grips with it) , and how I go about mixing that with business, photography and being Mom and Wife.

Until then, have a fabulous fabulous few weeks, Ciao!


Thoughts? Questions? Comments?