Bandana Pleated Flags

I have to say I have the cutest place on state st. right now. Seeing how a Junior High, a Church and Wendy's are my neighbors, there isn't much of a competition ... still...it is really cute.

I adore pleated flags and my place is the perfect set up for them but A: they are like 15-25 $'s at the store.. each! and B: I could not find a tutorial how to make them myself any where online. As simple as it may seam (hahaha... oohhh), I am NOT a sewer by any stretch of the imagination and it was the measurements that intimidated me. You have to have the right width to the right length in order for it to hang just right, and I wasn't about to bust out a calculator.
****So the "how to"***
So I did the lazy thing. I purchased a bunch of Bandanas (.99 at Hobby Lobby) cut them into 4ths, sewed them all together, and hoped the width/length would be just right.
They totally were
What is great about using bandanas is they are pre measured so you don't have to get our your board or roller cutter out at all. I just folded them in quarters and cut at the creases. Easy.
Sew the matching colors together first to make long stripes and then sew the stripes on top of one another. The sewing is by no means precise. The edges where all off so I had to go back and cut and hem them (which I really didn't need to do), and my "pleating" was me just folding the fabric over as I sewed. I pleated that top edge 3 times, each time with the pleats getting smaller and smaller. I didn't use a single Pin. No need to with a project like this, it doesn't have to be perfect.
The key to this project is seriously to THROW IT TOGETHER. I think I spent 10mins on my last 2 (the first time it took me some time to realize it didn't matter.) No need to make it perfect, no need to stress. It will be up for a few weeks, outside getting thrashed, and then in a bin for the rest of the year. Plus no one is looking at it closely to say "wow sharon, you really messed up on the hem".. like they would say that anyway...
I'll be back on the 5th with photos from some weddings, family sessions and I'm sure some dinners or something or the other.
Be safe and have a fabulous holiday! Happy 4th of July!


  1. Wow Sharon! You really messed up on the hem! Bwahahahaha. I am going to drive by to see it in person tomorrow because I love you that much...oh and I do. xoxo

  2. I drove by your house yesterday and am sad to say I did not see these cute flags adorning your windows. I even made a special attempt to see Lusi playing in your make shift pool/fountain. I am even more sad that I didn't see her or you. I was going to Macey's to stock up on the carmel Bugels they
    are on sale for .88 cents! ha ha! Just in case you were wondering why I was driving through clearfield.

  3. You really should come Kim. Thank you Jackie. And Summer, I did not notice "the greens" on the comment email i received and after reading the first portion of your comment I kept thinking, "who is this person stalking me?" Glad its you... and sad that you aren't stalking me but only driving past : ). Come over with your baby.


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