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Carolee Beckham is an extremely knowledgeable and talented photographer located in northern Utah. She graduated from BYU with a BFA and has extensive knowledge and skill in both film and digital photography. Her images and blog speak for themselves, go take a look.
Her work is peace to me, it is a whipser, it is a childhood memory I cling to, it is the moment right before I fall asleep. How is it possible that her work can be subtle as well as impactful? I don't know but she conquers it with such ease and beauty.
I have had the great opportunity and blessing to become good friends with Carolee over the last several months. Our chance facebook encounter, which led to a small dinner and chat, which led to a friendship with her and others that will last forever, was nothing but inspired. I am grateful everyday this woman found me and introduced me to a passion and love for education and art that I admire and long to have.
Carolee just recently wrapped up a very intimate and personal project she has spent the last 8 months working on. The project documents her pregnancy with fruits and veggies. She wrapped the project up this week with the birth of her baby, Mr. Emerson Locke (great name, right?) Following are a few images from Carolee's project, they are sweet and inspirational.

Check out the rest of Carolee's Pregnancy photos, along with an image of the newly born Emerson, Here.

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  1. you are the cutest :) thanks for the sweet shout-out!


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