Utah Portrait Photographer :: Teresa Pinkal

A few of my best friend T.P. (Teresa Pinkal.) Mamiya 645 pro 400h film.
Shot in my window light in front of a draped sheet.

Teresa Pinkal is a first and last name type of girl. I don't know what I will ever do when she gets married and changes her last name... I'll still just call her Teresa Pinkal.
She lives very last min, which I love. She never knows what she is planning on doing until she does it. If she does have plans, they change, and quickly.
She has been in LA interning for the Clippers all summer. I haven't seen her or talked to her in far too long.
She studies harder and has a better work ethic than anyone I have EVER met.
She dropped a week of her life, deciding the night before that she would join Blair and I on a Mexico, Copper Canyon school adventure.
When she went on a mission I'm pretty sure she got her papers in only a few days after deciding to go. Like I said, she doesn't really plan.
She is silly, and crazy, and perfect for doing nothing and/or everything with.
I adore her.
She makes the best brownies and muddy buddies.
"Fat Kid" parties with Teresa are the best.
Her hands and fingers are stunning, scroll back up and take a look.
She can make an award winning halloween costume with brown paper bags, construction paper and scissors....in 15 mins.
Teresa is such an amazing listener. I have spent many nights walking the streets of Provo talking and talking and talking her ear off.
I miss her.
I love her.

We met in college, my first semester there. Our meeting was completely inspired... I believe most relationships are coincidence, but then there are the few that have to happen. It seems the world would've exploded had it not. I'm glad we met, and the world didn't have to explode. Love you TP.


  1. I think these are gorgeous, Sharon.

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