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Kerry applied for a scholarship this week and it required of letter of recommendation from his wife. I'm not that great of a writer but I'm happy with the results and I absolutely loved writing this up. I enjoyed it so much I have decided to make it a tradition to write one up for him every year. Makes me appreciate him even more, seeing everything he does down on paper.

April 8, 2010

Dear Scholarship Selection Committee,

I first got to know Kerry at a very young age while attending elementary school. As we grew up I often observed and noted his tenacity and passion in playing sports. While Kerry did well in sports, he never stood out as the best on the track or field in ability, but always with his hard work and determination. I noted, that regardless of what sport he was playing, or lack of recognition he received, he was always the first to arrive at practice, the last to leave, and spent his time efficiently and effectively learning how to better himself and the team all while helping others do the same. I have come to learn that the attitudes of hard work, commitment, love, and humility Kerry approaches with sports, he approaches with all other areas of his life.

Kerry currently works fulltime for YHA in Clearfield. YHA is a youth group home which houses youth sex offenders in need of rehabilitation. Most, if not all, of these boys have social, mental, and/or other disorders that have contributed to them being there and it is no easy task mentoring them on a daily basis. Very shortly after Kerry was hired on at YHA he was promoted to a Lead, in which he is in charge of the entire home, boys, and staff during his shift. I have been incredibly impressed observing the way Kerry treats and speaks to these boys. He is loving, sincere, and respectful in his actions towards them. He has such power and grace when he speaks with them, never losing his temper, raising his voice, or coming to conclusions when issues arise (and they arise often.) I find this most admirable in itself but even more impressively, Kerry exhibits this behavior and attitude with is everyone he comes into contact with. His wife and daughter are no exception.

I am by no definition a low maintenance wife, and our daughter is proving to be the same way. We expect much of Kerry, express it often, and do not show our appreciation enough. I have never heard Kerry speak negatively of me, not in a joke, not in passing, or in a sarcastic remark. He shows utter respect and love for me and for this family we have created. In making the decision to work fulltime while at school Kerry has allowed for me to stay home with our daughter Lusi, and to pursue a career in photography. All the while still finding time to give us attention and work around the home. Among many other chores Kerry does at home Kerry does laundry, I don’t touch the stuff. While me not working fulltime results in less income than we could have, Kerry is completely supportive and always urging me to be better in my hobbies, home life, and education.

All of these attitudes and attributes Kerry exhibits in sports, work and his home he brings with him to academics. He studies hard at home, does well on tests and assignments and plans and prioritizes for his future plans in school and in his chosen career. He has developed a passion for knowledge and academics that I did not see when he was younger and I’m excited for where his passion, alongside his hard work and determination, will take us in the future. I have no doubt it will be a happy and successful path.

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to apply for this scholarship. Any assistance we receive would be of great help in Kerry’s academic and future career while we raise our daughter and better our family. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sharon Johnson

I heart you Kerry.


  1. I had to write a letter for Derek, and it definitely wasn't that good. Looks like Kerry's getting the scholarship

  2. Ha! I'm sure it was great. Let's hope he get's it, and they give me one too!

  3. Aynna, I like your picture by the way, your mustache is awesome!

  4. that just made me tear up Sharon!


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