5 months

beginning side note: p.s can't you just see how much Kerry just loves her? Gosh he adores her and the two of them together melts me.
Lus is suddenly getting bigger. Everyday I see a new something come to her. Lately, and more notably, is the "don't take that away from me" scream. Up until about 2 weeks ago, if she had something in her hand and you took it away she would be completely oblivious and just shove her hand in her mouth. Not the case now. You take those keys away from her and she get MAD! I couldn't stand it, so now she has her own key chain. Went to Lowes,they beveled the edges, made the stems shorter and there you go. Spoiled Spoiled little girl.
Plastic keys are lame, I'm the best mom ever.

shot with bw400cn on the "new" mamiya c330


  1. Plastic keys ARE lame. Kids never go for them, they want the real thing. You're a genius. And you have nice teeth.


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