Great Great Granny

This is Granny. 84. Lives in Memphis. Lusi's Great Great Grandmother.
Sweet. Real. Quiet. Beautiful. Likes company and puzzles.Kkissed me the moment we met.Taught me 5 draw poker. Worries she won't get to heaven as there are some things she cannot forgive. Said "bitch" in a conversation... threw me into hysterics. Help her twin sisters hand as she passes away. Won $16,000 playing slots once, literally the ONLY time she's played $10 slots, pulled the trigger ONCE. Has pride, and love for all her children, even the misguided ones.

I love the contrast between Lusi's and Granny's skin, just gorgeous. These seem so timeless to me. Gosh I love this film, bw400cn, they could have been taken 20 years ago or yesterday.

I am so glad Grandpa decided to drive the 12 hours round trip to go and get her. She was a pleasure to sit and talk with. Love you Granny, So does Lus and Kerry.

More Grandparent photos to come. Granny just got the spotlight.

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  1. I wish I knew my grandparents like that. And wish Jonah had some he could know like that. But unfortunately, that is not the case in our family. These are so gorgeous! One of the first things I noticed was the contrast of the skin. Beautiful. Good work

  2. Absolutely beautiful and priceless pictures. I love them.


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