Jump Jump Jump

Oh, the trampoline.
I remember telling my mom once, angry that I had to go to bed,
"you get to do whatever you want, whenever you want, it's not FAIR!!!!!!!!"

hahahaha..... boy oh boy did I have it wrong.

That being said. I knew my childhood was wonderful, I knew I had it good. I LOVED being a kid and wow how do I miss it sometimes. These help me remember.

The photography side:

I have been shooting B&W like crazy lately. I'm madly madly in love with it. To me, regardless of what you are shooting black and white can always work, while color can sometimes be less appropriate.
I read a quote a few days ago, I can't remember it exactly but it was something to the effect of,
Color captures clothes, black and white captures the soul.
(someone let me know what it really is, and who said it, thanks!)

shot on the canon, bw400cn film. I brought up my brightness to +2 and that is it. NO POST PRODUCTION!

View more from last Sunday HERE

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