Sherri's Bridals

I am shooting this wedding as you read are reading this. I wasn't allowed to blog these as, from what I hear, Damon is a sneak.
While I know the "groomal" sessions are very popular right now, (and I understand why and that they are extremely helpful to get out of the way), I LOVE the tradition of the groom waiting to see the bride in her gown.
Kerry and I did stuck with tradition and his reaction and huge smile the moment he saw me in my gown is one of the strongest memories from my wedding day.

Anyway, Sherri is awesome and I adore these photos. These bridals are my first in straight film, and holy moly you can tell. I don't adore, I LOVE these.

View the entire event HERE.


  1. Those ARE beautiful. How fun to be using film! Wish I could come up for your class!

  2. You are amazing! I really love your work!

  3. WOW. I absolutely LOVE how you frame these. GORGEOUS!!


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