The Eastman Family Sealing

Holy Batman these are from this last June!

I took these for Sarah, a friend of my sister, and since they weren't "client" work and Sarah was so nice she never reminded me that she hadn't received them, they just got stuck in the backlog. But here they are!!!

These are photos were taken outside of the SLC temple following the sealing of Sarah and her family.
What is a sealing you ask? Answers to that HERE.

The Eastman's drove all the way from Cheyenne (right Sarah?) and the poor little boys were SO tired by the time I showed up for pictures. They really didn't want anything to do with me, we did get a few without them crying though!

I would love love love to shoot more of these events!
It would be a gift to your friends and family getting sealed, 
have a bunch of people pitch in... 
it's a good idea!

View the entire session HERE.

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