Lusi Lou Wednesday: 2.0

Taken by my Husband Kerry.
Man alive he is getting good with a camera.

Silly, what seems like, nothing moments like this are why I am grateful for out constant documentary of our lives.
When I look at this image I remember perfection,

Warm sun rays.
Snuggling with baby bug.
Waking up to the sound of the opening and closing of the shutter,
little Lusi sounds.
The smell of a recent Nashville rain on the wheat fields outside the window.

Really the moment was probably just waking up.
Nothing big.
Nothing I thought I would remember forever.

But who cares? If perfect is how I remember it, then that is the way it really was.

That is why shooting the silly moments in peoples homes, opposed to the classic family photo session, is what I really want to shoot.
Because you might think that those silly moments in your home are nothing
but when you look back on it you will remember it being perfect.
Those moments are what you will want to remember
and those are the images you will wish you had.


  1. Good job, Kerry! Seriously, I love these posts. And you have such a way with words, I love it. Play date?


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