Lusi Lou Wednesdays

I think I'll just make this a regular thing. Then I can post photos of her once a week and not feel guilty that I'm either over doing it with Lusi images or not putting up enough. But gosh... LOOK AT HER, how could I possibly put up too many photos of her? I can't. She's so stinking cute!

She is almost 8 months now and still refusing to roll. She'll go belly to back but not the other way around and is completely content with sitting for hours and hours. I don't know if she will ever crawl (which right now I'm completely ok with, my house isn't ready for her.) She can pinch cherrios and other small snacks which is pretty nifty and today I think she finally somewhat grasped the how to on the sippy cup.
Her noises are turning more into rambling and she can totally pull herself to stand up. She loves the floral couch, almost as much as bath time, doing anything outside, and sitting in the cart at the grocery store.
We love her lots! She is getting so big and SO fun.

On a technical side, this was taken with a holga camera. It's a toy camera and the easiest, cheapest film camera you could possibly shoot with. It looks like this:

People look at me like I'm crazy when I pull this out at wedding Receptions.

This is such a fun camera. It is cheap, easy to use and even when it wigs out and you kind of mess it up, the mistakes usually look awesome!
You do have to fix it up a bit to get rid of light leaks (the photo of Lusi above is pre-fix, notice the red light leaks), and I had to mess with mine to get the flash to work. I also weighted it, just feels better now that it's heavier.
Buy one here or pick one up on ebay for $25 and get a roll of 120 film to go with it. You will love it.


  1. I LOVE your cute pics of Lusi she is such a doll!!I can't agree with you more you should put a ton of pics of her up!! Lil ones change so fast and grow so much!!

  2. She really is the cutest. I can't believe she's pulling herself up! Way to go Lusi!


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