Walking in Nashville...

...rather, making out in the middle of the road in Nashville.

This walk we took was a moment for me. You know those moments when you are wearing the perfect outfit, you feel like a size 2, and you hair is falling just right and you know, you honestly whole heartedly know, not just believe, but KNOW, that your life is perfect? 
Even with all it's flaws, 
disaster of a house 
screaming kid 
extra bit of weight from the baby
you name it
it is perfect? 
Ya, it was one of those.  

The evening we went walking on the winding road in the nowhere of nashville, I got a break from all of those flaws, and realized that if given the chance, I wouldn't do away with any of them. Those flaws give me a chance to 
have a haven in Kerry's arms. 

Those arms make me know I am safe 
know I am sane 
know I am beautiful funny and smart 
know that when it's a day I'll be spending under the covers with tissues, I can!, and that everything will be ok, 
know that I'll be loved forever.

Kerry's arm... Kerry is my haven.

(plus he looked really dreamy in the nashville evening light.... it adds a bit...)

I REALLY like him.
He REALLY likes me too.

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  1. I want to make out in the middle of the road! You guys are so cute!


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