5 mins and an unorganized clothing selection

...but it happened, which is all that matters. 

Man o Man..... the last few years have been slightly crazy for this family. 
Ok, really crazy, and when I say crazy I mean 
life altering
 you name it, we've felt it. 

Because of it all we are close, really close. Closer than I ever thought I would be to my family, and honestly, more than I ever thought I wanted to be.. haha. We just fit, in a very odd way, but we fit. Even Kerry and Adam (the marry-ins), I now can't think of what our family would be like if they were missing, they just fit too. 

I love these people dearly, I miss those that are are WAY to far away from me (yes, that even includes David who is in Logan, 1hr away from me.) Not only are they my family, they are my best friends. I am so glad we were placed together in this family to help laugh with, support and love one another. I know I say this to a whole lot of people but these people, 
They are my favorites.

and really, the clothing selection isn't too bad.

tech info: shot with 400h film, pushed 2 stops (it was SUPER dark) a little more contrasty than my other stuff but... I like it. 


  1. We love and miss all of you too, love the photos I want to see the rest!

    Love ya

  2. love it! i feel the same way about my family.


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