How do you want to remember your little bugs?


Photographing children is the dead last thing I EVER thought I would be wanting to do.
Up until 9 months ago I didn't know how to act around kids, they were awkward to me and, I'm sure, I to them. I went about trying to speak to kids like adults and had a far easier time acting silly around my best girlies than I did children. Not only did I not understand children I had NO idea how to go about photographing them. I'd see other peoples work with girls in vintage hats sitting on a decorative chair in a big field with a oh-so-serious look on her face, or babies in pumpkins and pea pods and all sorts of other vegetables and think, "NO WAY! will I ever shoot kids. I can't get them to sit, I can't get them to look at me. NO WAY!" Weddings it was, forever and always. In my mind there was no greater thing I wanted to be shooting. 

And then Baby bug came along. 
and suddenly.
I knew how to talk to kids.
I knew how to play with kids.
I knew how to be silly and sing songs and act like a monkey, tiger, and monster. 
and more than anything else:

I now know how I want to, and will want to, remember Baby Bug and her Baby bug siblings. 

I don't want to remember her laying in a vegetable or sitting on a big chair in the middle of a field or with a ridiculously large bow on her head or even in brand new never-been-stained clothes.

I want to remember her in all her glory! 
Covered bananas.
Playing with her toys in her crib.
Twirling in the window drapes that I will always tell her to stay out of.
Peaking outside the window to see if Dad is home yet.
Sitting in her pj's on the kitchen counter waiting for her breakfast.
Reading me her favorite book.
Fighting with her sister. 
Jumping on the bed.
Playing dress up.

I want to remember REAL life, my real Lusi, captured beautifully and artistically in her home.

 This week, as sad as it is, I want to remember Lus being sick for the first time. She hasn't been a cuddler since she was a month old. Today it has been nothing but her head on my shoulder, and her sucking away on her binky. More specifically, I want to remember her arm wrapped around my shoulder with her hand clasping on my arm. 

What do you want to remember this week?  

I approach every Children's session as a mother. I muster all my love, passion, and hope I have for Lusi and think, what does this child's mother want to remember? What would I want to remember?

All sessions come tear free,-yes Mom, you can get through a session without crying (though that won't be the case when you see the photos)- fight free, and holding still and smiling every 30 seconds free.

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  1. seriously ... you couldn't have worded that more PERFECTLY!! I honestly feel the same way! THAT is what I want captured! I don't want to miss a second!

    your love and passion definitely shines through every picture you capture! I LOVE all you do!

  2. Yes! You're a genius. I have a good friend who made a video of her baby when she was a few weeks old--just laying there. Pictures of each part of her body--her knees, her toes, her eyes, her ears--and then a video of it all put together. It was awesome! I wanted to do it with Zoe and then never did and now she's big so it won't be the same. But yes, that's exactly what I want to capture.

  3. So beautifully put Sharon. I love the pictures by the way, I just don't want to stop looking at them. The picture of Launi laying on the bear with the 2 little toys in her hand makes my heart melt. She carries those toys around everywhere with her and I'm so happy you captured it. Those are some pretty gorgeous little girls if I do say so myself.

  4. I LOVE the pic of Launi with her little mug on the table. So reminds me of chillin at their house. Pics look awesome!! :)

  5. THIS is why I love your photography.


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