Night+fog+the johnsons with a few cameras = a very late night

Thank you gross inversion for giving Kerry a night to go out and play with long exposures.
I RARELY let me cameras shutter speed drop below a 60th of a second so it was a fun night using the tripod and experimenting with long exposures. 

I am so grateful for a husband who enjoys the camera almost as much as I do and for a baby who is photogenic and patient with her mom. Whether it be with a camera in her face or stuck in the back seat while her parents drive around all night looking for the perfect shot, Lusi is smiling and jabbering away.

What are you grateful for this Christmas?

Merry Christmas Eve! 

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  1. That fog was sooo cool! You captured it so well! I'm grateful for tons of stuff, but mostly my family. Have a great Christmas!


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