Our Walmart Anniversary (Read Post Pretending today is yesterday)

3 years ago yesterday Kerry returned home after serving a 2 year mission 
in Peru for our Church. While Kerry and I were good friends in high school and had a sort of history we weren't exactly on friendly (or speaking) terms when he left for Peru. I had heard from a mutual friend, Nick, when he would be returning home and, despite the fact that we had exchanged only 3 letters over those 2 years, I was anxious to see him. I had recently moved back to my home town and was friendless. It made sense to me  that since he was single, I was single, and our friend Nick was single, we would magically become friends again and continue our old high school tradition of weekend bowling nights, I would have friends again. 

The days following up to his return I struggled with figuring out how to go about seeing him. 
Should I somehow "run" into him? Show up to his church when he speaks? Get Nick to invite me to something while Kerry is there? Just call him? 
I just kept thinking over and over, 
"We are not friends. He is going to think I'm crazy for calling him. Why do i think we are friends???"
I decided to dismiss the whole thing after coming to the conclusion that I would eventually run into him somewhere, it would more than likely be less than mildly interesting, and I'd go about my life as usual,

He came home the 20th and the next morning I woke up a 6am. 

It was good day!

 A day to be a Rockstar. 
A day to wear new clothes
A day to do my hair and put on eyeliner and blush.
A day to put an awesome mix on the Ipod and hit repeat repeat repeat. 

Me: "I am going to run into Kerry Johnson today. I can FEEL it. I KNOW it" 
Mother: "You are crazy." 
Me: "You just watch, it is going to happen."

I strutted through Walmart that evening. Throwing my hips side to side drastically as if I were walking in heels, I felt completely blissful with my life as I jammed to Regina Spektor and payed little attention to the crowd around me. When I stopped for a moment to check out the selection of thermoses, I hardly noticed the hooded gentleman walking my way, that is, until he stopped and stood next to me. 
as in shoulder to shoulder.. touching me. 
"What is this kid doing? ... he does look like he could possibly be really cute." 
I said nothing. 
He said nothing.

I carefully dropped the headphone from my ear, kept my head completely straight staring at the selves and muttered
"so...checking out the coffee mugs too huh?"
I don't recall his response. 
only him dropping his hood.
turning to me.
and his sincere smile and gorgeous blue eyes.

There have been few days since that one we have spent apart. 

I truelly do hate Walmart, but......not so much when the 21st rolls around. 


  1. It was meant to be! I looove this story. Love love love. AWESOME. I can't believe how amazing that is! I mean really, what are the chances that he would be in THAT Wal-Mart THAT day looking at thermoses? I mean really. That's no coincidence.

  2. Thats what Kerry kept telling me.. : ) So i finally believed it and married him. hehe

  3. I love the simplicity of this post...glad I stumbled upon it at one in the morning :D


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