In need of some of your Inspiration

Sometimes I feel un-inspired and un-impassioned.

Sometimes I don't know if what I do matters
in photography
in motherhood
in life.

Sometimes I want to stay in bed all day (sometimes all week.)
Sometimes I don't book a session for weeks while friends that have been shooting for a month after buying photoshop and a DSLR are booking 3 shoots a week.
(Sometimes I want to punch them and everyone that hires them in the face.)
Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be great, or if I'm any good now.
Sometimes I wonder WHY I shoot, and then I remind my self, and move on to less terrifying why's.
Sometimes I can't get over procrastination.
Sometimes I get depressed about being depressed.
Sometimes I feel incapable of change, in myself, or in anything else.
MY DEFINITION OF HELL: No change, No progression, Never inpire anyone else to change.

I know I'll get over it.

I know tomorrow I'll be back trying to overrun the world with art and passion and goodness,
and believing I can do so.
I know I am loved.
I know I can change.
I know I matter.

But today..... I just don't REALLY know... you know?

I appreciate them but I really don't need the pep talks,
I need some inspiration.
Cool blog posts, photos, youtube videos, quotes, stores, galleries, whatever it is,
Throw some my way.


  1. I wonder all the time too. And I totally get it. I am in your version of Hell right now too. I have so many dreams and things I want to do. But sometimes I think I am too afraid to succeed that it is easier to stay where I am in my "safety" zone. If that is what you can even call it.

    Just so you know though...YOU inspire me. I think you do amazing work as a photographer and I only hope to one day have as much talent and ability as you.

    On a side note...the word verification I have to type right now to post this comment...duckpoo!! Ha ha. Made me laugh.

  2. haha : ) Someone just sent me this:



  3. Check out WWW.Katrinastumor.net my brother in law and sister have been an inspiration to me.

  4. Not sure "inspiring" is the right word but "thought provoking" for sure; read Beggars in Spain by Nancy Kress. Fantastic book.
    Also I read this blog post today
    and the 'new year confessions' of the husband made be laugh.

  5. I am not an inspiring kind of person. What inspires me is very different for other people.

    So, with that said, here are some funny/cool things that make me laugh and wish I were cool too:

    White Christmas video and this year's here...her whole blog, really, inspires me, but I love the funny mixed with style.
    Plus her super cool photo shoot here .

  6. Here are a couple of sites that always make me want to bust out the camera:

    a friend's husband's photography blog: http://www.hearblack.com/

    my sister's sister-in-law's blog:

    this really cool girl's photo blog:

    you may have heard of the last one. it's pretty popular.

  7. oh goassshhh. thanks everyone. You are fabulous.

  8. i know you posted this a while ago but...http://ryangalbraith.com/tag/film/


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