Mike and Debbie's Wedding


  This was such a laid back fun wedding for me to shoot. I actually went to high school with Debbie and her sister (aka skipped and complained about track with her sister, sorry coach Losik.) It was so much fun to shoot this wedding and hang out and catch up with some old friends from high school.
This was also my first chapel ceremony I've shot. I LOVED shooting with the big open windows.
Hands down my new favorite thing to shoot is neopan 1600 film and wedding receptions. GAH!! The grain and the contrast.. it feels so romatic and timeless too me... why I shoot film.. you really CANNOT replicate that look in photoshop, and even if you can get close, it takes you forever. YUM BW film. I will forever love you
Anyway, Congrats Mike and Debbie. Have fun for the next few years in New Zealand (lucky.)
View and order the rest of the prints HERE.


  1. super super job. love the airplane!! great colors. im a tad bit jealous.. maybe a lot.

  2. Wow, I love these! So beautiful. She's a very beautiful bride, and the bridesmaids are gorgeous too. Must make shooting a lot easier to have pretty people. :)


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