A Little Sun for you on this Gloomy Day

Detail shots from my BF's wedding last week.
Yes this was an outdoor reception held the last day of December.
Yes it was AWESOME!!!!!!!
Yes we drove through a blizzard to get there and almost didn't make it.
Yes we returned to Utah cold and wanting to go back.

But, the sunny break was enough to get me through to the spring... I think.
I hope these images help warm up your day too!

This week on the blog:
that wedding a promised to post ages ago (up tomorrow)
Lusi (she crawls now)
More sunny California

I've missed you all the last few weeks.
I hope all your holidays were fabulous and
Happy New Year!


  1. Are those orange peonies?? I think I'm in love! These really did brighten my day, thank you!

  2. bet you helped with those details.. didn't you? super cute and very happy!


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