Brooklyn's Birthday

What an amazing evening. I can't imagine ever getting tired of shooting these.
We thought we would be pulling an all nighter and then just just like that!, Jenn was at a 10and ready to push, when only 25 mins earlier she had been at a 4. CRAZY!
Thank you Jenn and Jeff for allowing me to document and be apart of this awesome event.

bw400 cn pushed to 1600
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  1. gah! LOVE LOVE LOVE these. so much emotion flowing from these images.

  2. I love how her face goes from agony to excited in only 2 shots! That's the miracle of childbirth. All of a sudden you forget that CRAZY pain and all you want is to see your baby. These are fantastic.

  3. Just saw a link off facebook to your site and wanted to tell you that these rock! What a treasure for people to have. Beautiful photographs. :)


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