Happy Valentines Day: A treat for you who EXTRA love me.

Comments closed. You lucky 4 will be posted soon!

I'm giving my FB fans and official blog followers an extra Valentines treat.
Because you love me,
and I love you mucho mucho,

One of you will receive a
kids, newborn, intimates, just you (model type shoot), or couples shoot.
it's Valentine's day!!!

Here's how it works:
(You gotsta be a facebook liker or blog follower if you are, proceed
If you aren't:
You can become one of those people Here!)

Leave one comment telling me:
WHAT kind of shoot you would like to have and WHY.
For an additional entry leave another comment if you
have shared this post somewhere on the net (facebook, blog, whatever.)
at that time 4 entries will be randomly chosen and then voting (yep it's one of those) will begin!
People will be voting on your comments as to WHY you want the shoot you want, so make it good!

* Wedding, Engagement, Bridal, Family, Birth Story sessions not included.
**Winning session is for session and travel along Wasatch Front only.

...bah! What a wordy blog post, I hate wordy blog posts. I'll make it up to you tomorrow with a super sweet wedding. Hope you all have a fabulous fabulous VDAY!


  1. i'm the first to leave a comment?! yeah!!
    i would l.o.v.e. a session from you because well, simply put. you rock. and i would choose a couples shoot. i constantly am taking pictures of my kiddos and the hubster (aka my husband) but i have hardly any photos of me, let alone me and my husband.
    It would be so nice to have just a few of us, being that the last time we really had pictures of just us was our wedding! So...pick me!

  2. comment numero dos...(or however that is spelled).
    posted it on facebook.
    extra love me.

  3. I would loove a kid session because Eisley Is 6 months and needs pictures done. And she needs them done by someone amazing like you :)

  4. Hi Sharon! You did our wedding package about two years ago. Now we have a two month old son. A friend of mine took some newborn pictures of our son because we couldn't afford professional pictures. She did her best, but he did not cooperate one bit. He is now much more mellow and is starting to smile. I would love to get some pro pics taken of him!

  5. Hi Sharon! I would love to have a couples shoot, well it might be a family shoot. My husband and I plan to get a puppy soon and would love to have some cute pictures taken of us!! You're amazing!
    Erin Anderson

  6. Post two {2}! I posted your link to Facebook!
    Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  7. I can never have too many Sharon Sessions. I love you and I love your photos. It's a hard choice of what kind of shoot I would want. I would almost want to win a kids session for all my beautiful nieces and nephews. They are amazing and need to be captured on film.

  8. I want a model-type shoot. So the world can see how skinny I am going to get after your last session with me.

  9. I think you should choose ME because Zoe is about to turn one year old and two weeks later we're moving to a tiny hole of a town in New Mexico that probably doesn't even know what a photographer is. Also, she moves so fast I can't get a picture of her. Seriously. They're all blurs of her feet and face because she won't sit still and I have a crap camera. So, choose me for my Zoe's one year old pics.

  10. I'm a facebook follower. I would love a family session, later this summer, if I win. Yay!

  11. I would love a couple session from you! I have been asking David (my husband) if we could get pictures of just us for a year or so, but as he tells me "it's not in our budget." I would love it because we haven't had our pictures taken since our wedding, and I would love to have pictures to document us as we begin our next journey together of starting to kids.
    Thank you so much
    Amelia (Moss) Dalton

  12. I'd love a couples session. We don't have kids yet and the only good pictures of us together are from our wedding/engagements (Compliments of YOU). Plus, I think you've come a long way in a year an a half (since we got married) and I love that you're pretty much film-only now. You're so talented!

  13. Hi Sharon! I love all your pictures! I would like to have a kids session from you :) I know...I don't have any children...but my dear sister had 3 darling little girls that I want nice pictures of. She is struggling financially and hasn't gotten any professional pictures done since her first one was a baby! Anyway, I know my family would just love to finally have pictures (they are the only grandchildren too!)

    I wouldn't mind a couple's shoot too.. but I gonna have to just schedule that and pay you for it some time :)

  14. Second comment! Shared on facebook!

  15. I would have to choose a model shoot if I was to win one. I am a single mom of 2 lil girls, and have fought and fought to loose the weight to get atleast comewhat closer to what I was before LOL. I have not had pictures of me done since 2005 and would love to show the people I love how much I have changed. Plus today is my birthday LOL ;)

  16. I posted it on Facebook :)

  17. My husband and I would LOVE a couples session! It's been ever so long.... (since you took our wedding shots) Ha ha! I might think I can take good shots, but I would rather have it done by someone that really knows what they are doing, aka, You! A new family picture is in order for us for sure! Pick Us!

  18. Post number 2... Shared your post on Facebook!!

  19. What a fun give away! Sharon you are amazing. I would love love love a newborn session. I can never take pictures of my newborns that even remotely make them look how they really look. Plus they are so small and perfect for such a short time that it would be amazing to be able to have it captured forever.

  20. Umm...yes I would LOVE a session from you. Why? Because I have the most adorable 6 month old twin girls ever and if we got them and your skills together, it would be a match made in photography heaven.

  21. Sharon I would love a birth story! Mainly because this is our first baby and the one birth story I have seen you do actually made me cry it was so beautiful! I also would like one because I want my child to be able to look back on the memories of its birth- my parents were never the picture taking type so there are maybe 2 photos of me as a baby and I refuse to let that happen to my little one! Thanks!
    -Brittany Schacht

  22. I would love a free shoot because my second baby hasn't ever got onei would love some family pictures for her....

  23. Oooh what a fun contest! I LOVE your work so how could I not leave a comment?
    If I were to win I would love a model shoot. I am (finally) graduating college in May in Elementary Education and wanted to get some pictures taken. The problem is I don't have a job :S My job is student teaching 5 days a week with classes 3 nights a week and not getting paid. Yay for school!
    Another reason I would love this is that the stress of the last year of school has caused me to gain 15 pounds. *sigh* I know you could help me feel beautiful again! :) There's my story. :) Sorry it's wordy. :)

  24. I would LOVE a family session!! You are amazing and I LOVE my most recent pics :) we don't have any good family pics since Bella was born and she's getting big way too fast! ...

    I don't know how I missed this earlier but I will FB it if it's not too late! Contest ends soon! :)

  25. I would love a children's shoot because I have a four month old and I haven't had any professional pictures taken of her yet!

  26. I would like to have a couple shoot for my wife so we can have some photos of the the two of us. the first since you did our wedding

  27. I would love to win a couples shoot! We haven't gotten professional photos since our wedding (almost 2 years ago) and we LOVE the ones you did! We'd even fly all the way from Virginia for the session! :)