Omar and Kristy's Wedding

Kerry served with Omar on his LDS mission in Trujillo, Peru.
Omar stayed in his home country, Peru, after his mission was over but came to visit every so often as his parents had moved to Utah.
The first time he came to visit we picked him up and packed in the front seat of a an old truck and the 3 of us headed up to some snowboarding event in Park City.
It was Omar's first time experiencing Utah Snow... snow really.
It was such an awesome experience
(Yes they have snow in Peru but it's up in the mountains and nothing like it is here in Utah.)
Try it sometime, take a 25 year old that has never experienced snow up to Park City, I can't even describe it past "awesome".. it was awesome. It made me like snow again.

So Omar moved here, started school, and would meet up with us every so often, sleep over, teach us mad dance and soccer skills, take us to incredible dinners at his mothers where nothing but spanish was spoken and educate us in Peru and Catholicism.
(He was in Seminary studying to be a priest when he converted and was baptized... that's another... really awesome story.)

Omar actually met Kristy through is ex-girlfriend which doubles me over! Oh man alive... only you Omar.

I love Omar so so dearly, I am SO happy he found Kristy and that I have had the last few months to become dear friends with her. I loved Kristy from the moment we met, she is absolutely wonderful, and funny, and smart, and PERFECT for Omar.

Since the wedding I continue to grow from their example and my interaction with them.
Kristy's father and grandfather have both passed since their wedding.
My heart aches for Kristy, I am blown away by her strength and optimism and also by Omar's support.

People, THIS is WHY photographs are important!!!

When done right they offer more than just and image.
They offer grief, love, relief, hope, and comfort.

I really was honored to shoot this event for you Kristy and Omar.
I have learned so much more from this experience as to why I do shoot, what I should be striving for in each shot, and my responsibility as a photographer

Thank you.
You two are amazing.

See the event in full HERE.


  1. Before I read your description at the bottom my two favorite pictures were the one with her dad and the one with her grandparents. And now I have to cry a little for her. I bet she is SO GLAD to have those pictures. They are stunning Sharon, really.

    Plus, love her dress, love the reflecting pool pic, looove the lights behind the curtains (genius!) and all of it, really.

  2. Beautiful photos !!:)




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