Travel Photography: Lynchburg, TN

I can't believe I have yet to blog these! Blogging them now, when it's freezing outside and we just got hit with a huge snow storm here in Utah, is making me ACHE for summer and heat.... like double over almost tearing up ACHE for summer. I'll even wish for the humid TN heat that almost did me in on this trip. SUMMER!!! COME SOON!! or spring... I'll take even a little spring at this point.

This was one of my favorite excursions we took from our trip last summer. If you are headed anywhere near Nashville, I highly recommend stopping in and getting your free tour of the Jack Daniels Distillery. Even if you aren't drinkers (we aren't), the story behind Jack and his old number 7 is incredibly interesting, that and the gorgeous grounds will leave you quite impressed. And you don't even have to worry about being feeling uncomfortable at the end of the tour when free drinks are passed around, and your the only one not drinking because the drinks are lemonade, and there isn't an open bottle of alcohol near the place!
Lynchburg is one of the few remaining dry cities in the USA. crazy!


  1. When I was 18 I asked my parents for a bottle of Jack (as a joke) but my mom happened to be flying home on my birthday so she asked the Stewardess on the plane for some jack daniels. They brought her a SHOT! At 9 am!! My little mom...I die just thinking about it. She wanted one of those little airplane bottles to stick in her purse and bring to me, but they brought her a shot. I cannot hear "Jack Daniels" and not burst out laughing thinking of it.

    Oh, and great pictures!

  2. Still cannot believe that you were so close to my family's house when you came to visit Tennessee! They literally live like 5 miles away. We must make it work next time you are in town.

    PS - have I ever told you that the JD distillery is where this girl while have her wedding reception one day?

    I think it's etched in some Hollowell family creed somewhere! ;-)


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