Utah Boudoir Photography: When he tells me I'm Beautiful he means it.

"This shoot did so much for me. Seeing these pictures helps me to know that when my husband tells me I am beautiful, he means it...It is wonderful to see yourself how the person that loves you more than anyone else does...The body is a beautiful thing. It should be embraced no matter what you think you do or don't have. It's not to be exploited, but celebrated and that is exactly what Sharon does."

Right now I am LOVING shooting these. They are, somewhat, still experimental shoots for me and it is SO fun to not have any expectation for myself on what these "should" look like as I'm shooting. I'm discovering that I need to take that approach more so in my other work, to be free, and allow myself a little give to mess up and play and try different things.

on a side note: I've been SUPER sick, hence the lack of blogging over the last week. I have some great stuff that I'm excited to share too... soon... lets hope very VERY soon.


  1. I LOVE that first color shot. Beautiful. (but they're all good)

  2. Wow. That's because she IS beautiful. Holy cow.

  3. These are beautiful and she is gorgeous. Maybe I'll have to schedule some with you.

  4. Wow. I haven't looked at these in so long. And I never saw the sweet comments. Thanks to Facebook memories for the reminder.


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