Another Reason why Film Rocks: Lusi and detail retention

Say I would have shot this exact same shot in digital, same exposure, same lighting, same everything.
DOESN'T WORK. Why? Your highlights will be COMPLETELY blown out, there won't even be any information there for you pull to try to fix in photoshop, you will be left with a blinking black screen.
Take a look here, ya, it's bright but man alive!, you can still see every detail in this gorgeous girls face. EVERY DETAIL. Sure, you could totally adjust the setting on your camera and compensate your exposure to be more digital friendly but then... everything else would be too dark, and I wanted those eyes to POP! 

Shot with the usual equipment but with my new LED light. I know! It looks just like day light. 
I'll talk about that more later, ditching the flash and getting to know one of these bad boys. 


  1. So cute. Glad you are liking that light. It didn't do me any good right now. You know what you are doing with it.

  2. Love this!!! I have such a respect for photographers who shoot with film it's a dying art, but like you said it's not dead! I aspire to shoot film someday. I'm saving up my pennies for one of the classes!!!

  3. GORGEOUS pic of Lus!! She is an angel! One day I will get to one of ur film classes!! I DO want to learn!! U r amazing as always!


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