Going to Visit Daddy at School


She walks now.
Can you believe it? SHE WALKS. 

Shooting these reiterates to me why I love teaching 101 photography classes.
Why I really believe everyone should know how to take a decent photo. 

This isn't a birthday, a vacation, she isn't walking for the first time in any of these photos, this moment... it is just a moment, no big deal, right? 
No way. These photos completely encompass a time for us and a life we won't ever have again.
We will look back at these and laugh, love and reminisce
"remember when we were super poor and Lus was SO little and we would have lunch together on campus just so we could see you for once during the day?" 

You can't have a professional photographer following you around all day capturing these moments that happen so frequently, that we often let go by without giving much thought too. 
YOU can pick up a camera and 
YOU can learn to capture these moments, 
whether it's a simple point and shoot, a DSLR or a 35mm.

We have this incredible medium that allows us to create beauty and save memories for ourselves and others, and most of us know nothing to very little about how to use it! 

There are many opportunities to learn more, read up on photography on the internet (scanning a photographers website and blog doesn't count!), take a class, ask people you know for help, read your camera manual! One such opportunity exists April 9th. Once you learn the basics, Shoot shoot shoot.


  1. You are amazing. Love the pics. Made me remember going up to campus with your sisters in the wagon. Wish i had pictures. So fun.

  2. AMEN. That is exactly why I love photography. You do a great job capturing those moments.

  3. oh LUSI. She is so beautiful. How can I miss her when I barely ever saw her before?


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