This is Me. Who are you?

Last week was a really fun Blogging week.
Design Mom, who was name a top website of 2010 by Time Magazine,  linked me on her site. 
Over the next 24 hours, I received more hits on my blog than I do in a month and
my followers went through the roof. 
First and foremost. Thank you Design Mom. You are phenomenal, your blog is gorgeous and you are extremely humble and kind. (She tries to respond to every comment with a personal email, who has time for that? WOW.)

I'd LOVE to catch all of you newbies to the blog up to speed and maybe give you others some more info and insight into my life. Here is goes:

Hi. I'm Sharon.
I'm a Photographer.
I'm an Artist.
I'm a mother.
I'm a wife.
This is me and us:

except my hair doesn't do the girl scout look anymore, it looks more like this:

My super amazing husband is Kerry:

We met in Elementary school and I had a super huge crush on him all through out high school. I blog about our love story frequently. Read more about us and him HERE.

This is our Baby Lusilia:

She's not really a baby anymore. But I can still pretend.
I love her. There are more photos of her on this blog than anything else.

3 days of the week I watch my sisters 2 children and am a mother to 3. 

I am learning much watching 3 children at once. I love it, some days I hate it, but I guess that is just being a mom. 

I suffer from anxiety which manifests itself as depression every now and again.
So life REALLY sucks sometimes. Like the world is ending, nothing will ever make it better.
And then the next day I remember to breathe, 
and the world goes on 
and I'm ok.
Stranger than fiction is my favorite movie. I could watch it over and over... in fact I do. 
I a Mormon.
I document my life and the lives of others exclusively on FILM.
I am passionate about Passion, about Life, Love, Art, and Emotion.
My goal is to spread all of that to as many people as I can through my work and words.
I am grateful.
I am blessed. 

That is me... well, a very small part of me.
If you keep coming back to the blog you'll find out a lot more... maybe too much : )
Come follow a long and learn of me, my life, the lives of others, and
hopefully it will help you learn more of yourself
Come join in on the fun HERE.
And you can hangout with us all on facebook HERE.

Leave a comment, Let us all know! Make sure to leave your web or blog address!
 I'll be pulling from my followers to do small bios, features, and photoshoots of in the next coming months so stay tuned and spread the love! 


  1. Hey Sharon and world,
    I'm Erin, a wife and avid blogger/photographer/scrapper. I love going on adventures with my wonderful husband, Matt! I have so many ideas flying around my head I can hardly keep still. I love my hubby and living life!

  2. Kiera: Thanks! : ) I love you! But.....WHO ARE YOU? Link your blog silly girl!

  3. Sharon,
    You know I love you. I look at your blog constantly. I envy you as well. You have become successful doing something you love. One day I hope to get to that point.


  4. I love, love, love this post!! I also LOVE the pic of Lusi in her boots and little rain coat sooo cute!!

  5. Hi! I'm Reuben.

    I like bikes.

  6. I am Claire. Mother of 3 daughters and a baby soon to be born. I'm a wife, nurse, Cub Scout den leader, friend, sister, daughter, hula dancer and novice crafter. An eternal optimist, a redhead, and a runner. I'm also a cheapskate and hate spending full price on anything.

  7. Sharon, you are awesome. Love your posts and love your photography.


  8. I'm Lisa, Mom to Sharon, David, Linda, and Marcella. All my children amaze me every day. Wife to my Jr. High sweetheart, Matt, who still makes me laugh. Grandmother to McKenna, Claire, Grant, Lusi, and Owen watching them grow up is wonderful. Daughter of wonderful parents, Les and Linda. I'm a Mormon. I've learned to love to read. A marathon finisher. Part business owner of Woolies, recycled wool mittens. A 50 year old womon that is still trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life.

  9. i'm alisha stamper.

    you know me already.


  10. I'm Autumn. I'm a newlywed and my husband has been on an internship in Atlanta for the last two months....I'm really excited for him to be back soon. I met my husband two years after someone trying to set me up on a date with him right when he got home from his mission.

    I'm about to be a college graduate in April and hopefully if my application goes well I will be a graduate student this summer. Pretty much we'll be two poor grad students if everything works out haha.


  11. I'm Maude, You know me! I'm that mother of 4 handsome boys. You can look up my blog but I've been terrible at updating it in the last few months...


  12. I'm Ellen. I'm an administrative assistant at MIT by day and baker, photographer, reader, blogger, sewing fanatic, quilter, movie watcher, solitaire player, RSP, friend and sister and aunt all the rest of the time.


  13. i’m leslie. i’m a project coordinator at the UofU...which sounds more glamorous than it really is! i’m a 20-something wifey to mr. marsh, we were married nearly 6 months ago! i’m a mommy of 2, a young women’s leader, a housekeeper, a taxi cab driver, a chef, a crafter, a sewer, a photographer, and sometimes (when I get around to it) a blogger! i have a strong love for my family, the gospel, my friends, my camera, dr. pepper from sonic and hershey’s chocolate! i don’t remember when i stumbled upon your blog, but i’ve enjoyed getting to know you thru the interwebs! Your pictures are always beautiful and i'm always in awe with what you can do with film!


  14. Sharon, you are amazing!!! I have been perusing your blog! Wow! I am so glad you found me at Harmons. So glad that I could catch up with your life via your blog. So amazed at your incredible photos! (I have a daughter/shutterbug that is needs to get a hold of you! ). Awesome!--Melanie D.


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