30 for 30: Mismatched is the new game.

A few months ago my friend Aynna introduced me to the idea of 30 for 30 and ever since I have been anxious to start. What is 30 for 30? Essentially it's choosing 30 items from you wardrobe and wearing ONLY those 30 item for the next 30 days.
Kerry (husband) and I thought it would be a great idea for both of us to hop on this wagon as we are in the process of decluttering, not only our home, but our lives and minds as well.

Our reason for doing such a crazy thing?
(really more than 3/4ths of my wardrobe is downstairs in the shed.)
1- To save $ not buying ANY clothes for a month (a stretch for me.)
2- To Reduce Laundry
3- I'll get dressed everyday in something other that pj's or a t-shirt! : )
4- To realize we actually have decent wardrobes, it just needs some imagination, mismatching and layering.
5 - To remind ourselves that we do not NEED stuff.

The clothes and shoes that didn't make it:

I need help with my last one. I need one more casual comfy top and I just cant decide between these three. Leave a Comment and let me know!

1: top that I don't REALLY love the color and design of but I like the low neck line and fit.
2 : Green sweater thing, the fit is awesome on me.
3: BYU old school sweater (I think from when I was 8). oh so comfy and surprisingly cute fit.

Daily Posts on outfits starting next week!


  1. blue byu.. just looks comfy and pretty color...
    i don't think I could do this... I could wear the clothes,but im not organized enough to choose them...

    maybe next month :)
    good for you though. you inspire me in oh so many ways

  2. Sharon,
    I keep saying I need to do this too. Good for you! I would pick the green shirt in the middle. It is more versatile than the other two. And I'm a utah fan, so #3 wasn't even an option for me. :D

  3. I LOVE the old school byu blue!! BUT that green sweater shirt is so stinking cute and like mackenzie said above.. it's the most versatile =) excited to see how you mix and match

  4. The green. LOVE that color. I need to loose a little more weight to be able to fit into 30 pieces of my clothes. As soon as that happens, I'm all over this. ;)

  5. the green.

    i'm totally going to do this. my husband is going to be thrilled!

  6. You know I love BYU but I'm going to say the green. Super cute.

  7. I love that green top. But based on what you have already chosen...I would go with the BYU blue. Simply because you need something cozy and comfy for those days when you just want to be cozy and comfy. Plus it looks like it would be the warmest thing in your choices. And if the weather keeps up like it is you will want that warm sweatshirt. (I am a sucker for a good sweatshirt)

  8. Love number one, could be dressed up or down. Let's discuss the pointy toe sling backs that are in the tote. Uhm, those are sexy and should be in your rotation on at least a weekly basis. ZUMM.

  9. I love the green sweater. Good luck. I've totally given up on my 30 for 30 this time around just because I'm lazy and want to be comfy.

  10. OK, I know you love the BYU sweatshirt, so I'll pick that. I really do like the pink one better though. So you have to pick that one for the next 30.



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