Katie :: Utah Senior Portrait Photographer

View the entire session HERE.

A few things to point out....
A: She is stunning, and I'm super jealous of her red hair... I've always wanted hair exactly like it.
B: I was neighbors with Katie and her siblings when she was just this chunky, kindofbratty, little girl. Far from it now...obviously. (Or maybe I was the brat.)
C: I didn't know what I would really think about shooting senior portraits.
D: I LOVED LOVED LOVED it. I hope to get a few more sessions in before graduation.
E: You know what else I LOVE LOVE LOVE? Fresh cut flowers in my room.... On my night stand, in my living room, and on my kitchen table. I DO NOT love that they are pricey and that I am not the kind of girl that has that kind of budget...

F: SO... because I need fresh flowers in my house ASAP and YOU know people that need senior portraits done, YOU get a $50 print credit for every referral that books a senior session. If you are the one to refer yourself? You get the $50.

mmmmHHMMMMm..... smell those peonies!

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