Mother's Day is 3 weeks away!

SO, this one time, my Kerry took this amazing photo of the Salt Lake City Temple:

I'll be honest.... I am/was jealous. His natural talent kills me. He doesn't seem to put much effort into learning or practicing photography often, but when he shoots... holy moly... kind of makes me want to puke... in a good way of course....of course.

Anyway, after that, long story short... (kind of short, are my stories ever short?) We had a Young Woman's auction and we gave this print away... all framed and gorgeous and stunning, like this:

It. Was. Awesome.!
And we decided that everyone should have one!

Naturally, We can't afford to give Everyone one so... we are giving away One.
and you can win it for your mother-self or your wife or mother HERE.

Not LDS? Or just want some other options?
You can pick one from 7 other prints:

And if you really can't wait until mother's day and NEED it NOW?
You can purchase prints and frames Here.
Gift Certificates are available as well!


Thoughts? Questions? Comments?