Lillian and Sophie :: Utah Children's Photography

Aren't they adorable? Yes is the correct answer, and OH my gosh, they are the strangest funniest little buggers. I can't wait to see who these little girls turn out to be, they will be amazing, and REALLY funny. They were fabulous to photograph and 7 months became my new favorite age to document. Brittany, the mother of these 2 darlings won the valentines day giveaway a while back.
How do you do it miss Brittany? I can't imagine having 2 Lus' running around ... boggles my mind... and completely overwhelms me. 
Brittany is amazing, you can read all about her and her twin adventures on her super popular and hysterical blog here.

Click HERE to see the rest of the shoot.


  1. They are way too cute for words!!!

  2. cutest shots ever! i love the high chair one. these are awesome. i cannot fathom having two babies at once. it seriously might kill me.

  3. I love everyone in these pics. You captures how great they are inside and out! Chic Rooms


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