When 30 for 30 become 31...32...33... and 34.

So 30 days ago you heard about my 30 for 30 challenge...
The plan was to take photos everyday of our different outfits...
Day 1 we took these pics:

I think we took 3 more days of pics... and then nothing. 
no pictures
no blogging
Just 30 days of horrible-sticking it out-ness.
horribleness??? maybe not so horrible but... it was hard.. and kind of lame.
Let me explain:

First: YES we did do it.. maybe my 30 turned into 33 or 34....maybe... but we did it!
We didn't buy any new clothes, we wore the same 30 to 34 clothes (shoes included) for 30+ days. 

Second: I learned a lot, and got a lot out of doing this, NOT what I thought I would but, I did benefit from it. 

What I learned:

I hate all of my clothes
Every single article of clothing I own I only own because it fits and it gets me by. This is much harder to notice when you have 60+ articles of clothing to choose from everyday, sure they might all suck but you don't notice because it's a different pair of sucky-whatever to choose from each day. When you have to choose the same things over and over and over, you start noticing.. and it is not awesome. 

You really only need 30 pieces of clothing to have a decent good wardrobe. 
The key is to have solid staples that be layered and switched around and added to. I discovered this when I went through all of my skinny clothes with my best friend Teresa at about day 7. 
My skinny clothes... oh my.. the are gorgeous. They are sophisticated and sleek and stunning.. and I MISS them. Lucky skinny Teresa got 34 articles of my skinny clothes for the duration of the school semester... lucky girl. 

Clothes MATTER. 
Not quantity but 
style and 
Clothes can make you feel better
.... or worse, or sexy, or stunning, or grubby, or whatever!
I have always been pretty confident but until this challenge I never realized how much my clothes affect my mood and confidence. 

it was a painful 30 days
that brought me this decision:
Either lose 20 lbs and get my fabulous banana republic and anthropology wardrobe back
...or buy clothes the fit me well, that are gorgeous and make me feel wonderful.

20 lbs is sounding a lot cheaper, healthier, and more rewarding.

Ready. Set. Go. 


  1. Thanks for the review of your month. I think your insight is totally valid and I'm so grateful to you for it!

  2. I totally agree with you. That is what I believe in as well. As for the skinny clothes don't be to hard on yourself, women's bodies are always changing and it's a good thing. I think you look fabulous in this picture. I say buy something you love that fits right now to hold you over:)

  3. I'm the same way, only my skinny clothes are now 7 years old and not cute anymore. AND I'm going to Paris in 2 weeks and I have NOTHING to wear! I cannot wear sweats and flip flops in PARIS.

  4. If only we had money to go on a crazy shopping spree together. Although, I do get some fun money to play with from taxes. Maybe you could give me some insights. Although, I don't want to buy anything new while pregnant. Oh well.


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